Our experience with our clients prompted us put together this guide to help you through the moving process. Flightline Storage has helped many people move, and we know how difficult it can be to determine everything you need to do beforehand. Print out the moving guide and keep it at hand to ensure you don’t forget the essential steps you need to take. Having a plan will help you reduce the stress of moving and be all ready on moving day.

1 Month before Moving Day

Take the time to notify your landlord, if this applies to your case, and also to inform the telephone, gas and electricity companies of your impending relocation.

Start thinking about what things you want to put in a storage unit, what things you want to give away and what things you want to throw out.

2 Weeks before Moving Day

Find a storage facility in Anderson / Redding, CA. You might want to choose a climate-controlled storage center for better protection of your belongings from extreme temperatures, humidity, dust and bugs.

Contact the post office and ask to have your mail redirected starting on your moving date. Inform any other people who might need to about changing addresses.

It’s never too early to start packing. Buy some boxes<, both big and small, and start packing the things you use least. Start making arrangements for someone to take care of your kids and/or pets on the day of the move.

1 Week to Moving Day

Make sure you have paid all your bills to date. Recheck with the utility companies to ensure they took notice of your leaving the house or apartment.

Think of where you will place your things in your new home. If you won’t have enough space for everything, place your extra belongings in storage in Anderson / Redding, CA. Arrange it so you have the keys to your new home on moving day.

Pack as much as you can and clean the house.

1 Day to Moving Day

Recheck your “to do” lists and finalize all packing. Organize and label the boxes and make sure you can easily lift the boxes.

Unplug your appliances and clean up everything.

Moving Day

Let the movers know which boxes contain fragile or valuable items.

Take a final tour of the house to ensure you have everything in order. See to it that the movers have loaded all the boxes and appliances. Lock all windows and lock the door.

If you have any more questions, please contact us for moving tips.